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Three Smart Daughters (Singer Screen Ad)

Published 1940

Three young women impress their men with their home sewing skills.

Producer Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor Singer Company
Audio/Visual Sd, C


No synopsis in Educational Film Guides.

Singer Company (sponsor) Sewing Singer Sewing Centers O'Keefe, Walter (narrator) Women Fathers Parties Gender roles Dancing Sisters


Reviewer: doowopbob - - March 15, 2010
Subject: ....3 Girls 3....
...Invite A Stranger Into The House Who Will Show Them How To Get Gowns For The Dance..We All Know What On In That House..!..Cut To Dance..3 Girls 3 In Gowns That Make Carol Burnett's GWTH Outfit Look Haute Couture..!
Reviewer: ERD. - - March 27, 2009
Subject: Smart ad
This is a very clever and entertaining ad for Singer Sewing Machines made in 1940. Extremely effective for 1 minute. Historically interesting to watch the styles of that era. Good color.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - July 18, 2005
Subject: See You There Girls!
This is an incredibly short ad for the women to not worry about dear old dad giving them enough money for dresses, why you can just let the nice Singer Man into your household and he will show you the way to the Singer store to show you how you can sew your dresses for the formal ball!

This features the type of narration which I love, the Im not really here, but Ill participate too! In other words when the Singer people invite girls into their store and then the (male) narrator pipes in, Yes, Ill come in to, thank you. Just in case you werent sure of the true intentions (or, Ill say it here, his sexuality) the narrator charms in at the end about the Singer store, saying See you there girls! making you wonder, yes, why would they expect to see him there?. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: rasputin2 - - March 11, 2005
Subject: Highly recommended...
This ad for Singer sewing machines was sharp, witty and stylish when it was first made-- and it still is now.

The announcer's knowing, be-bop tone is fantastic. He calls the one daughter-- whose bodice shows off her bodacious nosecones "one tasty tit-bit". Pretty risqué joke for its time.

And frankly I wish young women still dressed in flowing gowns like this.
Reviewer: Marysz - - February 14, 2004
Subject: Stuck at the Sewing Machine
This snappy ad opens with the story of three girls who want to go to a party, but need new dresses. Their stressed out father refuses to buy them and stomps out the front gate. The wise-cracking narrator says what the girls feel about himÂÂny-a-a-ah! the old meanie! Then, what appears to be the man of their dreams shows up at the gateÂthe ÂMiracle Man from Singer Sewing. But all he does is send them to the nearest Singer Sewing center for sewing lessons. If these girls want dresses, theyÂll have to come up with them themselves. We cut ahead to the party. The girls are all decked out in their new dressesÂÂthree for the price of one! The ad closes not with the girls acquiring romance or marriage as a result of their new dresses; it ends up back at the Singer Sewing store. ÂSee you there, girls! the announcer breezily signs off. All the men in this ad disappoint the girls: the father wonÂt pay for their dresses, the ÂMiracle Man merely dumps them at the sewing store and none of the men at the party propose marriage (or even a date). Otherwise, why would the girls find themselves back at the sewing machine store? This ad, made in 1940 as America came out of the Depression, paints an unsentimental picture of womenÂs lot.
Reviewer: Christine Hennig - - October 9, 2002
Subject: Three Smart Daughters
Another "minute movie"ÂÂreally a 60-second commercialÂÂmade to show in movie theaters of the 1930's. Three teen-aged girls are upset when Daddy won't pay for new dresses for the big partyÂÂa friendly Singer salesman takes them to the local Singer Sewing Center where they learn to sewÂÂthey are the belles of the ball in their new homemade dresses and everybody lives happily ever after. Already the condensed story form of the commercial is down. Though one wonders how many in those Depression-era movie audiences could relate to this at all other than as pure fantasy.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: **. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: ****, Overall Rating: ***. Also available on Ephemeral Films.
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